Collaborations - Networks

Larnaca District Development Agency cooperates with the following networks and organizations:



1. The Agency participates as a founding member and shareholder, along with 14 other Development Agencies of E.U Member States, in the European Economic Interest Group, formed in July 2005 in the Province of Vibo Valentia, South Italy.


2. The Agency participates as a member of the European Inter – Network ‘RETIS’ represented by about 50 organizations from all EU Member States. The aim of the ‘RETIS’ Network is to combat social exclusion as well as the promotion of social integration and social cohesion.  The ‘RETIS’ Network implements E.U. policies and programs in order to effectively support the socially vulnerable population groups.


3. The Agency has signed a Cooperation Protocol with the Prefecture of Palermo (Provincia Regionale di Palermo), Italy. The purpose of signing the Protocol was the cooperation in European Programs and the exchange of views regarding sustainable development of regions represented by the two Agencies.


4. The Agency participates in the European Transnational Network ‘FEDARENE’.  In the Network participate 65 organizations representing 17 European Member States.  The aim of the Network is to promote the Environmental and Energy Policies of the E.U. The Network published the Declaration ‘European Regions for the promotion of Renewable Sources of Energy’, which was signed from 86 organizations, including the Larnaca District Development Agency.


5. The Agency participated in the Conference of the Local and Regional Authorities’ Network for Social and Just Tourism, organized in Crete, aiming the improvement and development of tourism in E.U. Member States (June 2007).


6. For the promotion of the Agency’s Objectives, a Cooperation Protocol was signed on the 14th of November 2003 with the Development Agency of Heraklion, Crete, which is one of the largest Development Agencies in Greece.