Company Profile

Larnaca District Development Agency was founded by the local government for the local government. The main objective of the agency is to provide support services to its stakeholders for making use of European resources and participate in European programs in order to implement the goals and visions of its stakeholders.

The Company meets the following needs of its stakeholders:

  • Giving information and learning about matters of the European Union
  • Support to the Local Self-Government Organizations in their development role and planning.
  • Development planning of the broader area of Larnaca
  • Exploitation of the available National and Communal funds, through the participation and management of different programs
  • Technical support to the public and the authorities of the area, in the fields of education and preparation, improving the quality of life and generally the social-economic development.
  • Undertaking initiatives in subjects of protection of the environment, preservation of the cultural inheritance and development of its internal cohesion.
  • Development of the relations between the Local Self-Government of Cyprus and the Member-states of the European Union, the Mediterranean, the Middle East and the Balkan Countries.
  • Promotion of the possible collaboration of the Local Self-Government with the Public and Semi-Public authorities and the Private sector, trying for the collaboration and the difference of each member.
  • Management and Implementation of E.U. Programmes


The support services provided by Larnaca District Development Agency are addressed to the following target groups of Larnaca District:

  • Municipalities and Communities
  • Farmers and cattlemen
  • Professionals and Entrepreneurs
  • Hoteliers and Industries
  • Organizations and Associations
  • Volunteer Groups
  • Vulnerable groups
  • Citizens

Larnaca District Development Agency is an active partner and supporter to the public and private sector and operates in a rational combination for community service, entrepreneurship and management of high-level requirements of integrated development with transparency and efficiency.


Our vision is become a modern, strong, skilled and financially independent company our philosophy is based on the following values:

- The innovative and pioneering approach of its actions
- The appropriate staffing with skilled manpower and continuous training
- To create a modern working environment and the continuous integration of new technology
- In forging a healthy working relationship in daily contact with citizens and organizations and initiatives that promote social values
- In developing its own operating quality through proper application of modern methods of organization and administration.