Structure - Staff

Structure of the Agency and Personnel


Larnaca District Development Agency has the following working groups:

1) European Projects Team
2) Services Team
3) Leader Team
4) Co-funded Programs Team

5) Environmental Education Center of Larnaca

The teams of the agency employ scientific personnel that have the appropriate expertise and experience to accomplish the difficult task that the agency has to accomplish. An important feature of the company's employees is the team spirit. Also essential is the fact that the staff has different specialties in different sectors (economists, agriculturist, rural development experts, agro-economist, etc) and they can provide a different and wide range of services.

Since the establishment of the Larnaca District Development Agency up to today, the human factor is a key element , as the fulfillment of goals and aspirations have relied heavily on the availability of skilled and experienced manpower.

The company's recruitment criteria that determine its policy are the following:

• Develop and utilize the scientific potential of Larnaca District
• Attracting and exploitation of the experienced and high-level scientific staff in order to contribute both to the qualitative result of the activities of the agency and to train the younger and more inexperienced personnel.

To achieve the above objectives, the Larnaca District Development Agency offers:

• Interesting in content and diversity work with multiple opportunities to develop initiatives
• Pleasant working environment where team spirit is cultivated as well as cooperation and continuous search for knowledge
• Education and continuous personal development

• Motivations and responsibilities for the employees under a competitive compensation and benefits system.

Furthermore, Larnaca District Development Agency is working with scientists, scholars and development consultants

who participate in studies and specific projects.


Vasilis Constantinou:

European Projects Team

Dr. Eudokia Balamou:

Anna Kosma:

Mathaios Pappoulos:

Constantinos Kareklas:

Evaggelos Kepolas:


Services Team

Constantinos Kareklas:

Sokratis Leptos:

Leader Team

Dr. Evdokia Balamou:

Evaggelos Kepolas:

Mathaios Pappoulos:

Constantinos Kareklas:

Co-funded Projects Team

Dr. Eudokia Balamou:

Mathaios Pappoulos:

Environmental Education Center of Larnaca

Anna Kosma :

Accounting Department

Niki Skitsa Patsi:


Maria Lissioti: