Coverage Area & Subject of the Center

Area of Coverage & Scope of the Centre


The Center is located in the village of Skarinou, but, it covers the broader region, i.e. the communities and the natural environment of the mountainous region of Larnaca. Specifically the region which is boarded by the communities of Klavdia, Kornos, Delikipos, Vavatsinia, Odou, Melini and Kalavasos, with the southern limit being the Limassol-Nicosia motorway.


The main objective of the Center is the promotion of protected forest areas, which have been designated by the “Program of Agricultural Development 2007-2013”, specifically by Action 2.6.1., “Non Productive Investments”. The key goals of the exhibits are such so as to enhance and promote their management and protection.  The main targets are the regions of the network Natura 2000 in Lefkara and Stavrovouni. Two more regions of the Network Natura 2000 are being promoted as well: the areas of Asgata and Machera. In addition, the region of the forest of Machera has been declared an Important Area for Birds by the International Ornithological Association.

In the region, there are three very important rivers with significant ecosystems: Vasilikos, Agios Minas and Pentasxinos. The rivers along with the tributaries offer refuge for many species of fauna and are quite diverse in plant species as well. The dams in the three rivers are among the most important elements of the region.

The Department of Urban Planning and Housing, has declared many areas in the region of coverage of the Center as natural protected areas, as locations of exceptional beauty, protected geological formations and protected habitats.