Investor in People





Investors in People is the first qualitative standard that focuses on Human Resources. It helps companies to differentiate themselves and gain a competitive advantage through their Human Resources.

It was created in 1990 following an initiative of the British Government. It operates in 50 countries worldwide and has been adopted by more than 70,000 companies and organizations.

Investors in People certifies businesses and organizations that recognize the catalytic role played by Human Resources for improving their competitiveness. At the same time, it brings about the competitive advantage of businesses, ensuring the conditions for the superiority of personnel at the level of expertise, skill, loyalty and personal growth.


What the objectives of Investors in People;

The fundamental objective of the Investors in People is to improve competitiveness and business performance through the effective management and development of employees.

Investors in People certifies the effectiveness of a company’s training and development activities in relation to the strategy and values ​​governing its functions, while facilitating the design of future goals and actions. It prioritizes the continuous development of people for whom the firm / organization must invest systematically in order to ensure their proper growth.


In this context, Investors in People, puts particular importance on:

  • The proper filling of job positions through unimpeachable and fair selection systems which assess knowledge and skills.
  • The provision of equal opportunities in learning and professional development / career for all employees.
  • The promotion of a climate of continuous recognition and reward.
  • The company's commitment for creating a positive working environment, which promotes trust, cooperation and incentives.


Benefits for businesses and employees:

The methodology of the Investors in People Standard, ensures benefits for both the employee, with a guarantee of perspective and continuous growth, as well as for the business, via the more methodical and effective implementation of its strategic objectives.

The benefits for businesses:

  • Profitability via enhanced productivity.
  • Optimal customer assistance and satisfaction via the customer-centered culture.
  • Reduced cost, more effective resource management, responsible and conscious work.
  • Strengthening the implementation of Total Quality Management systems.
  • Strong competitive advantage resulting from better performance.
  • Global recognition for their customers and ability to attract the best executives in the market.
  • Structured and effective approach in training and personal growth.
  • Review of the effectiveness of processes and redefining business objectives.
  • Comparison (benchmarking) with top businesses that implement the Investors in People standard.

The benefits for employees:

  • Certified work environment which respects employees, diversity, specificity and human values.
  • More efficient customer service.
  • Recognition and growth.
  • Quality in training.
  • Improvement of internal communication.
  • Development of skills and career opportunities.
  • Participation and motivation.
  • Fairer evaluation system.